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About SkiBoy

We opened our shop in Budapest in 1991 called SKIBOY. We started with ski selling. After the communist regime this was the first place to reserve skis in advance.

The same year Andrew learned snowboarding effected by his brother.

In 1993 the shop completely transformed to a snowboard shop. In the beginning we sold Burton snowboards. Between 1993 and 1995 Andrew produced ’Cool’ snowboards and technical snowboardwear. We used to distribute the following brands: K2 (1994-1997) and Sims (2006-2008) Apo (2004-2010). Now we distribute Hot, Hammer (since 1997), Nidecker (since 2008) YES snowboards (since 2012) Jones Snowboards (since 2012) and Ride bindings and boots (since 2012), ROME USA (since 2018) Forest Protector (since 2016).

We are the distributors of the canadian Ripzone snowboardwear too.

Our shop offers about 40 types of snowboard bindings, 38 types of boots and 90 different types of boards.

This was the first 100% snowboard shop in Hungary. Till 1999 the only place to rent freestyle snowboards.

1997-2002 Hammer was the best selling snowboard brand in Hungary.

Our website has been on the first page in hungarian google search engine for the last 10 years.

AndrewWe maintain 3 shops in Hungary, one in the west, one in the east and one in the capital.

1997 Andrew’s brother, Csaba Nagy wrote the first hungarian educational book for snowboarding: A hódeszka hullámhosszán (On the wavelength of snowboarding)

Between 1992 and 2008 we taught beginners and freeriders in a slovakian base. In the meanwhile we explored Europe’s best places in Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia, France and Switzerland.

In 2011 we have created a sport center in Bad Gastein, Austria. We organise basic and forest freeride tours during winter, rafting tours, white water and seakayak tours and moutainbiking in the summer.

Andrew and his brother Csaba organised the first hungarian freestyle contest which took place in Risol, France. That was broadcasted by the Extreme TV.

We took part of establishing the yearly freeride competition called Naturelle in Puy St Vincent and La Grave. Csaba Nagy won it first time, and in women category Ágnes Fincziczki Andrew’s girlfriend won, the second and third place was taken by our sponsored members too.

We organised the first forest freeride competition in Slovakia, called Forest Jump. This is a real moutain cross competition with sections in the forest and open ground as well. The second time it was a team race. The winners were Andrew with his girlfriend Agnes, the seconds were Kiki and Ádám our sponsored riders.

Another sponsored freestyler of ours Bonifác Szabó was the Snowboarder Of The Year 2012.

In 2013 we are going to form the first Hungarian Backcountry Team at our freeride center in Austria.

-Snowboardshop team-

We speak English and German.
+36-20/942-32-90 (10-20 h)

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