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  • We are our country's oldest snowboardshopand rentalFrom 1991 we are doing sales of snowboards,repair,rentaland teachingYou will also find the country's first and currently the largest snowboard rental company here.
  • We are brand representation of the following brands: JONES Snowboards, YES Snowboards, RIDE Snowboards, ROME Snowboards, FLOW, NOW, Nidecker, APO, Hammer, ROME- Ripzone- and RIDE Wear.
  • The stock in the webpage is realtime,, the products are avaible in the shop. And you can buy them immediately.

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  • We are such a unique shop that we consider your used gear. Our experience of almost 20 years in the field of equipment assembly is unique. This is an advantage for our customers that almost no competing specialty stores offer. We know all the snowboard brands in circulation, our expertise has developed together with the development of Hungarian snowboarding. We train at international trade fairs every year.


  • We have acquired such a routine in choosing snowboard shoes that we can easily choose which style of shoe is suitable for which foot. Lots of people does not know that the american snowboard shoes made for wide feet. (except the RIDE) The italian shoes are made for wide heels, but narrow feet, the german and swiss shoes are made for narrow heels. A factory usually makes only one type of shoe sizes.


  • Lots of people bought their first snowboard gear at other stores, but many bought their second in our shop. This is a real, authentic, specialist shop. More than 60% of our customers are enthusiastic, returning, regular guests! I don't think it's a snowboard shop where they don't ask you your foot size, body weight, height, look at your feet, and don't ask what attracts you the most in this sport...


Andrew SportGastein 1200

SportGastein-Möltal glecier – 2015

Andrew IMG_8215 BW S

Szenvedélyes freeride snowboardosként immáron 1993-tól siklom Európa havas lejtőin. A román hegyektől a szlovák Tátrán át, az osztrák Alpoktól a svájci és francia Alpokig, rengeteg freeride csúszás van már a lábamban, és az „albumomban”. Azt tapasztaltam, hogy a jó snowboard kijelölt pályán és a kezeletlen, szűzhavas lejtőkön egyaránt jól viselkedik. Ez viszont a hazánkban kapható snowboardok 80 %-ára nem igaz. A SnowboardShop-ban csak olyan termékeket kínálunk, amelyekben 20 év tapasztalatát használva megbízunk.

Best regards, Endru

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